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E Cig 101

E Cig 101



What is an Electronic Cigarette? 

An electric cigarette is an electronic device that vaporizes a nicotine liquid to create a vapor that is inhaled simulating smoke from a cigarette. In 1963, Herbert A. Gilbert created the idea of a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette and patented his creation with the United States Patent Office. Due to advances in technology, Herbert  A. Gilbert's ingenious dream became a reality today.


The Joye 510 electric cigarette consists of three components, the cartridge, atomizer and battery.


1) The Cartridge     Cart_.jpg

The cartridge on a Joye 510 or Joye eGo is a plastic mouthpiece that has been fabricated to contain an e-juice chamber that holds a filler. This filler is a polyester batting material that acts like a sponge to keep the e-juice from spilling out of the cartridge. Once the cartridge is placed onto the atomizer, the filler acts like a wick allowing the atomizer to pull the juice onto the heating element to be atomized to vapor. The filler can eventually get "gummy" or get "burned" which will affect the taste of the vapor. This is when you should consider changing the mouthpiece with a new cartridge or mouthpiece..

2) The Atomizer Atomizer.jpg

The electronic cigarette atomizer or "Aty" is a heating element that turns E-Juice it into a vapor. The threaded end screws into the battery and the other end accepts the E-Juice cartridge. There is a metal mesh wick or bridge which draws in the liquid from the cartridge to the heating element. Once the heating element is activated and heats up, the E-Juice is turned into vapor, which is then drawn through vents in the mouthpiece by the user when inhaled.


If you get a gurgling sound when you inhale on the electronic cigarette, you have flooded the atomizer. This means that there is too much E-Juice in the atomizer for it to properly vaporize. To solve this, simply remove the atomizer from the battery and cartridge. Then blow into the atomizer's threaded end onto a paper towel or napkin to remove the excess E-Liquid. Take care not to get E-Juice in your mouth while blowing. Now you can re-assemble your electronic cigarette to begin vaping.


By design, atomizers are not meant to last forever. However, you may be able to extend the life of your atomizer and improve performance with occasional cleaning. There are many tried and unproven methods for cleaning an atomizer. If you feel that your atomizer is not performing as expected just follow the flooding instructions and blow out the atomizer. This will remove most of the old built up E-juice allowing the atomizer to work properly. It should be noted that atomizers do most of the electronic cigarettes work and will fade in performance over time. This is normal and will require the atomizer to be replaced depending on your use.

3) The Battery

The battery pictured is the Joye 510 manual battery, the battery unit consists of the battery, a switch and LED indicator at the end of the battery. Virtually all electric cigarettes use a lithium rechargable battery. 

Batteries come in two basic types, manual & automatic. A manual battery has a switch that is pressed by the user to energize and heat the atomizer. An automatic battery is activated by airflow and turns on automatically when the electric cigarette is drawn on and off when the user stops inhaling on the cartridge. 

Although the automatic battery is beneficial in some respects, particularly hands free operation, these benefits are far outweighed (in our opinion) by the vastly increased reliability and control that is offered by the manual battery. The Joye 510 we offer comes exclusively with manual batteries and are completely sealed (unlike automatics). This means that you do not have to worry about juice leaking into & destroying your battery. The sealed manual battery is also conducive to "dripping" which is a technique where a cartridge is not used (or a cartridge with no filling is used) and the juice is dripped directly on the atomizer. 

The LED indicator at the end of the battery lights when the atomizer is energized and also will flash when the battery is depleted and needs to be recharged.

It is important to note that atomizers and batteries do NOT last forever. In our experience the average usable life of an atomizer is about 2 weeks and a battery usually lasts about 2 months.

What is E-Liquid?

Propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerin (VG)

PG or VG (most commonly PG) is a common compound used in many household & food products such as toothpaste & shampoos. It is also commonly found in food colorings & mixes. It is used in these applications for the same purpose as it used in e liquid, to suspend or keep the other ingredients mixed and properly distributed. In e liquid the PG keeps the nicotine & flavorings suspended in the liquid. Propylene Glycol is categorized by the FDA as "GRAS", which stands for Generally Regarded as Safe, for inhalation.


The nicotine in e liquid is derived from tobacco. The strength of the nicotine in any given e juice is measured in milligrams (mg) per milliliter (ml) and e liquids are made in a variety of strengths from 36mg all the way down to nicotine free (no nicotine or 0mg).

24 mg = High/comparable to Non Filter Cigarettes

18 mg = Medium/comparable to Full Flavored Filtered Cigarettes

11 mg = Low/comparable to Light Cigarettes



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